Geez Photowalk #19 (River Lea, London)

Every Thursdays, I drop a video on youtube where I’m sharing the street photography experience one shot at a time!

We are in East London for a different type of scenery, walking along the river Lea for a change. London is not only about the gritty and busy high streets. There are quite a few parks and nice rivers or canals in the city.

In this photowalk, I was expecting nice river boats obviously and was simply hoping for nice shots since the spring finally decided to show up. It is quite relaxing to feel being outside the city and also take a moment to imagine living in a boat. That wouldn’t work for me and my 6ft6 height but I do like the nomadic aspect of this lifestyle.

I wasn’t expecting a wide range of street photography styles in the shots I would get. I mean, this is not in the streets after all, not even sure it registers as street photography but who cares about categorising to be honest.

I was surprised to have managed a few juxtaposition shots with various inscriptions on the boats.

It was also interesting to realise that those river boats are homes so I had to be careful with not being invasive and respect people’s privacy. Quite a few people were working from home indeed due to the changes induced by the Covid pandemic.

I also noticed a few displays related to the river boats owners’ rights. They are organising in association and fighting the council which might try to get rid of them.

It is undeniable that it does look cool to live on a river boat. Seeing the residents going by and doing their errands on a sunny spring day was just charming.

I even bumped into an old acquaintance that I knew from when I used to run photography workshops in Shoreditch, all the best to you Mark!

The city also reminds you where you are with quite a few graffiti under one of the bridge.
Very urban and it contrasts very well with the canal to be honest.

A few oddities are always good to capture, a sinking shopping trolley and a sinking river boat are seen here along the canal.

Check out this river boat setup with a sofa and a sound system! The music was lovely too, some smooth Jazz from a vinyl for that sweet analogue sound.

Overall, it was a nice photo walk and It is always nice to take a break from the buzzing city and its high streets.

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Until next time,