Geez Photowalk #20 (Covent Garden, London)

Every Thursdays, I drop a video on youtube where I’m sharing the street photography experience one shot at a time!

Central London it is this time, Covent Garden is always a nice spot for street photography and the fact that it was a sunny day did help too.

This felt really good, lots of opportunities and great encounters, this might be one of the best session since the beginning of the year in my humble opinion.

In term of “pure” street photography shots, a few juxtapositions might be keepers and I believe they do work nicely in black and white.

I had lots of fun playing with the sun. Some photographers avoid the harsh light but I see it has an opportunity to mess around with light and shadow.

I also embraced colours from times to times, I’m still working on incorporating colours in my compositions. But to be honest, at the end of the day the best way to choose between colours and monochrome for me remains gut feeling.

Overall, I truly enjoyed this street photography in Covent Garden, I usually avoid it because I think of the area as being too touristic but I was wrong. Lot’s of worthy scenes to capture down there.

I’ll be back indeed.

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Until next time,