Geez Photowalk #21 (Kentish Town, London)

Every Thursdays, I drop a video on youtube where I’m sharing the street photography experience one shot at a time!

We are in Northwest London in Kentish Town which has a nice vibrant high street. Nice people, nice shop fronts, nice graffitis! What else do we need?

One thing that really caught me by surprise was the diversity encountered. For somer reason, I assumed that those ends were pretty posh and upper class since it’s not far from Hampstead and those areas.
I was so wrong, but then I was biased due to my wife working in this area as a teacher in a posh school.

One of the reason I really enjoy London is the diversity so whenever I find a high street with different types of people, my spider senses are all excited.

I’ve met some colourful characters along the way, the sunny weather might have helped with that too.
Overall, people were is a good mood and the vibe was just smooth and easy.

A very nice encounter was a family from Senegal in West Africa, the kids were extremely photogenic and the mother as well as the family friends were very sympathetic.

There was quite a few nice shop fronts that I noticed too.
It’s not my forte but I just like the colour palettes and the design sometimes.

Kentish Town is added to my list of places to visit again for street photography, the people shown me some love down there I cannot deny. And as a photographer, that’s the best reward really.

I come to the same conclusion, I’ve been so used to shoot in East and South London that I am missing out on the North and West sides. Camden has a lot to offer obviously and I’ll keep spreading my wings on the city to capture its spirit as much as I can.

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