Geez Photowalk #22 (Fort-de-France, Martinique)

Every Thursdays, I drop a video on youtube where I’m sharing the street photography experience one shot at a time!

This one is extra special, I am taking you to Martinique! I went home to celebrate my Grandma 100th birthday and decided to squeeze a few photowalks while I was there.

This episode is in Fort-de-France which is the capital of the island. Martinique is a French department, meaning we are French citizens and part of the European Union while embracing our Caribbean culture at the same time. Turbulent history but a wonderful Creole culture mixing European and African roots came out of it.

Going home with a photographer’s eye is always a pleasure. The fact that I am living abroad is allowing me to approach home with an external outlook while still being part of the culture. I believe that the way I see things at home would be a lot different if I was living there, as they say, you tend to get used to what’s in front of you.

Street photography feels different at home, it’s highly emotional. There is the excitation to be home obviously, the urgency due to the limited time spent on holidays or family matters, and the stimulated senses mixing childhood nostalgia with a grown man outlook on things.

Something I really enjoy is also to interact with people in my native language, and I’m not even talking about French. Engaging with people at home in Kreyol is something else, you feel a deep connection and you feel like being 100% yourself. There is no filters due to an accent or being perceived as a foreigner, it is a raw connection that comes from the heart.

Another aspect of shooting at home is considering street photography as documentary photography.
We tend to associate street photography to big cities but small towns and villages offer as much opportunities if you know how to look. And that’s where I argue that street photography is a subset of documentary photography, at least I see mine that way. Especially when you put an emphasis on people in their environment. My street photography is not simply about aesthetics, shape and colours. It is about people and places, like documentary photography.

This is an opportunity to make people discover where I’m coming from too, the discovery aspect is adding up to the experience. I don’t think anybody did a street photography video in Martinique before, so here it is for showing off Martinique and it will always be a pleasure and a privilege to put my country on the map.

There is more to come, I have at least four street photography videos based in Martinique coming along the way, so stay tuned and see you soon.

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