Geez Photowalk #27 (Hackney, London)

Every Thursdays, I drop a video on youtube where I’m sharing the street photography experience one shot at a time.

This is a special one, not street photography per se, but more like a mini vlog / mini documentary.
I wanted to share a hidden spot in Hackney East London where a nice market takes place.
It’s the black-owned Hackney market at Bohemia place, where traders and food stalls are contributing to one of the sweetest vibe in town!

I always consider my street photography to be borderline documentary photography.
Since I mostly focus on people, I believe that I am mainly documenting my surrounding and the current period we’re living in.

As I often say, let it marinate a few years and those photographs will have an archival value and hopefully I would have done my best to beautifully capture those said times.

In the case of this Black-owned Hackney market, I wanted to really expose how the black community gather together in London.
The market is scheduled every two weeks or so and goes on from Thursdays to Sundays.
The vibe is excellent with African and Afro-Caribbean food stalls and good music with the occasional DJ playing the latest Afrobeat tunes.
Independent traders are selling clothing, accessories, cosmetics and educational items.

While taking photos, I did stop quite a few times to discuss with the traders to know more about their products and themselves, all captured on the youtube video at the bottom of this page.

It is always inspiring to meet entrepreneurs working on their side hustle and developing a concept from ideas to realisation. Many original concepts and products that I will go back to when it will be time to buy presents for family and friends.

Food is always delicious with lots of choices and more stalls providing vegan options.
As well as refreshing drinks perfect for hot summer days, special one for the sugar cane juices which are to die for. Never disappointed on that front.

Capturing the atmosphere and the joy is always a pleasure too, seeing smiles and good vibes almost makes you forget the two crazy years we just had with the Covid pandemic.

Overall, I cannot stop to highly recommend those type of events, and I am quite happy with the photographs taken that day.

You can watch the full (edited) video on my youtube channel and as usual, give it a play. Like and subscribe to show some love!

Until next time,