Geez Photowalk #28 (Central London)

Every Thursdays, I drop a video on youtube where I’m sharing the street photography experience one shot at a time.

This episode is in Central London where I’m following a familiar route which is always fruitful in term of street photography opportunities: Oxford Street, Soho, China Town, Leicester Sq.

One thing I didn’t know was that the Gay Pride was taking place that day, and that brought a ton of colourful shots with all those rainbows and dressing up!

Since I had never been to a Gay pride parade, I was in discovery mode.
It reminded me of carnival, parade with music and people dressing up.
Lots of people smiling, dancing and quite a few messages about LGBTQ rights.
Obviously, it was one of those days where I wasn’t going to only get black and white images with so many rainbows everywhere.

Besides the Gay pride, I was still capturing the spirit of the streets which Oxford Street and Soho never stop to provide.

While walking from Soho to Leicester square and going through China town, I managed to switch to my documentary photography style and capture some interesting scenes.

This was another good day in term of street photography and the Gay pride was a nice surprise since I didn’t know it was happening that day. But in all honesty, you just cannot go wrong with Oxford Street, Soho and China town.

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