Geez Photowalks #15 (Westminster, London)

Every Thursdays, I drop a video on youtube where I’m sharing the street photography experience one shot at a time!

In this fifteenth video, I am hanging out in the heart of Westminster around the well know landmarks of London such as Big Ben, the Parliament and the London Eye.
It’s a very touristy area and not one that I usually consider for street photography outside the occasional protests at parliament square or downing street.

As an exercise, I decided to try something different and see what kind of shots I could get in a busy area full of tourists. It was not too bad and I expected worse in term of what I came back with.
Some tourists are travelling here but regular Londoners can also make you travel yourself with their attires and their own styles.

A nice thing I enjoy doing is to include Road signs, Monuments or landmarks into my composition to give a clue about the location. It is quite a common thing to do in street photography but when it comes nicely together, I can not deny that it is a sweet feeling.

Naturally, after walking around the Westminster tube station, I walked towards Westminster bridge for the Big Ben and London Eye views. I followed this by checking parliament square because most of the time you can bet there is a demonstration or a protest about a cause you didn’t know about.
Not this time though, it was dead quiet so I attempted the same thing near Downing street.
And in this case too, nothing about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine nor the Prime minister scandal about the Covid partygate. I did come across interesting characters though.

My next move after exploring the touristy area was to walk towards Victoria station with a detour to Strutton Ground market were I met Michael which ended up being a rock star model for a portrait.
I used to work in the area and I still recall great street food stalls.

At the end of this photowalk, I was not too inspired near the Victoria station. Lots of commuters and no particular scene or individual was getting my attention until this fella with a colourful suit gave me a nice way to finish my session.

This is it for that street photography session in Westminster, the full (edited) video is on my youtube channel and as usual, give it a play. like and subscribe to show some love!

Until next time,