Geez Photowalks #16 (Hammersmith, London)

Every Thursdays, I drop a video on youtube where I’m sharing the street photography experience one shot at a time!

This is Geez photowalk episode #16, we are on the West side of London town in Hammersmith to be specific. A nice area mixing various known art venues from theatre (Lyric) to concert hall (Apollo), it has a vibrant high street as well as the riverside with the Hammersmith bridge crossing the Thames.

Street wise, the high street (King street) is full of character and can provides many photograph opportunities.

As soon as I walked on the high street, I found a street food market and bumped into interesting characters straight away. Daniel from Eritrea and a lady with her “African sombrero” that looked exactly like the traditional hats we have back in Martinique called “bakwa”. She knew a great deal about photography and was asking pertinent questions about gears.

The high street shop fronts did not disappoint. In term of colours and originality, I could rely on them as backdrops for various street scenes.

An interesting shop called Aladdin was like a bazaar with many used items for sale. The owner, Mr Mohammed is from Palestine and has been on the high street for the last 32 years. The fact that there is no Aladdin sign on the shop is making it even more charming and mysterious.

Mid way down the high street, I’ve met a young lady who was pushing a pram. She gently accepted to let me take a few photos while she was baby sitting. Greatly appreciated and I did try to get the best angles while we were worried about the pram. Turns out she is a model and it shows, we did great for a 30 seconds session.

Another highlight of this street photography session was an encounter with Arjun and his two dogs. I have seen him passing by while skate boarding with them in the middle of traffic and luckily bumped into him later near the street food market. Incredible story of those two dogs called Loki and Lola since Arjun rescued them on one of the island from the Azores archipelago in the middle of the Atlantic ocean.

I must have gone up and down the high street a couple of time, enough to capture more street shots and be playful with a few juxtapositions.

This couple having lunch in a coffee shop was particularly touching.

Once I felt like I had walked enough on the high street, I followed Arjun’s advice to check out the riverside. It was definitely worth it and I almost felt like I was outside the city in a country side village for a few minutes.

This is it for that street photography session in Hammersmith, the full (edited) video is on my youtube channel and as usual, give it a play. like and subscribe to show some love!

Until next time,