Geez Photowalks #17 (Brixton, London)

Every Thursdays, I drop a video on youtube where I’m sharing the street photography experience one shot at a time!

We are in South London for this episode #17, in Brixton to be specific. I have never been disappointed when doing street photography in Brixton. Known for its vibrant Caribbean community and market, it is always a pleasure to shoot in an area that is reminding me of my youth. I am also familiar with the area because I used to live in Brixton before moving in East London.

This area like many others is experiencing the gentrification process which is bringing new housing developments and also various small businesses catering for the artsy and creative types but the different cultures blending together are still giving a charming character to the area.

In term of photography, there is a lot to explore and to be honest, I see worthy scenes every five minutes when I’m down there. The inspiration level is always high and I am really enjoying myself in those surroundings.

My opinion of Brixton is heavily biased since I am a Caribbean man, it feels extremely home-like to be honest. Wandering in the market and the small streets around will definitely grant you with some worthy scenes to photograph. The smell of food, the sounds of music as well as different people accents is all adding to the sensory experience. You just cannot go wrong with Brixton.

Naturally, I have met wonderful people along the way. I enjoy all different style of street photography. I can be in a stealth mode attitude where I would try not to interfere with the scene but I also enjoy interacting with people from time to time and shoot a few portraits. It remains part of the street and I think that the urban environment is nothing without its people as experienced during those not so distant COVID lockdowns.

From Kash above who was also walking around with a camera. To Marion, a charming Kenyan woman who is working into sustainable initiatives to save our planet. To Lois and Ben, a sweet young couple glooming with that puppy love. To all of them and those I didn’t have a chance to catch the names, I say thank you, it was a pleasure to meet you all.

This is such a nice place in London, I remember my dear mother coming to visit me when I was living in Brixton circa ~2009. She said ok son, I’m not anxious anymore about you living in England, I know you’re okay now. This feels like home.

Like I said, you can’t go wrong with Brixton.

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Until next time,