London Street Chronicles Vol.1 – Inner Child Playground

Inner Child Playground is the first volume of the London Street Chronicles serie. This selection is part of a collection of photographs capturing the vibrant spirit of London’s streets, showcasing scenes of drama, fun, and everyday life between 2015 and 2022. The photographer’s keen observation skills and unique perspective reveal the hidden moments of beauty and humour that are often overlooked. This project is not just about the images; it’s a reflection of the author’s personality, and his ability to connect with his inner child, allowing him to see the world with fresh eyes.

The short documentary Inner Child Playground by Jerry Amadi Pradon is available here.
The photobook and the prints are available for purchase in the shop:

Exhibited at:
– Photobook Cafe (Shoreditch, London, 10th June 2023)
– Creole Day festival (Vauxhall, London, November 2023)