Hailing from Martinique and currently based in London, Mister Geez is a visual artist propelled by a passion for observation and an insatiable hunger for knowledge.

Through the art of street photography, he explores the intricate tapestry of human experiences, capturing the multifaceted layers of urban life in cities. Drawing inspiration from his Caribbean roots and experiences in bustling metropolises, his work is mainly based on exploring human spaces and interactions. With his roots in documentary photography evident in the “Ahadepa project“, his latest project “Inner Child Playground” stands as the whimsical debut installment of the London Street Chronicles series. This collection promises to delve into various facets of the city, its identities, and the collective experiences of its inhabitants.

In tandem with his street photography, Mister Geez engages in the exploration of mixed media, seamlessly intertwining photography with the art of data visualization. This innovative approach is vividly showcased in his projects “Killing us softly” and “When the Beast Knocks“.

Alongside the digital image capture and creation, his artistic journey extends to analog printing, utilizing the platinum/palladium alternative process for photographs and the cyanotype process for mixed media experimentation.

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Get in touch: mister@geez.mq

Still from Inner Child Playground documentary
by Jerry Pradon (2023)

Visual Artist Association member